ILATO X SPEAKEASY – Speakeasy Luxe


Milli is an artist, skateboarder and founder of Ilato ( She splits her time between NYC and Texas. We recently collaborated on a collection featuring Milli’s designs, screenprinted in our NYC studio. 

Milli began skating over 8 years ago at Maloof Skatepark in Queens. She was one of the few girls skating amongst many guys, but attributes the challenges to her growth. 

We recently had the chance to return to Maloof to debut our collection at a recent meetup hosted by E (@e_ninethree) and Moose (@_moos3). Thank you to our community for making this possible! 

We spoke with Milli about creating, skating and the new collab. 

What are your favorite creative outlets? 

Printmaking, drawing, painting, illustration, tattooing, skateboarding & sculpture

 Do you find skating and creating to be interconnected?

Hell yeah, you create when u sk8

What's your favorite piece (or pieces) from the collab?

Mesh shirts and sweats and panties and sweatshirts

Can you share a bit about the inspiration behind the designs?

The designs drew inspiration from a mix of Halloween spookiness, honoring the female form, dope logos and stippling tattoo style. 

Where can people find more of your art?

The new collection features a mix of sustainable materials, cotton streetwear and one of a kind pieces. Each item is either produced on a made to order basis, or created in extremely limited quantities to minimize waste. Send us a message if you need any assistance with sizing, or would like to commission a custom piece.