Kaybop is an Orange County based artist and skateboarder. We worked closely together to create the latest Speakeasy Luxe collection featuring her original artwork, screenprinted by hand in our NYC studio.

We’re excited to share this collaboration and to celebrate the talented and multifaceted people in our community. We spoke with Kaybop about the collab, inspirations and more.

What are your favorite creative outlets?
Skating and drawing, doodling randomly

What are your biggest inspirations while creating?
The people around me! It’s so inspiring watching others thrive and do their best. Family and friends are just an amazing inspiration for me to always do my best.

What's your favorite piece from the collab? <3
Forsure the sweat shorts and the bucket hats. I absolutely love everything

Where can people find more of your art?
@kayb0p and @bop.Ross 😎

Anything else you want to share!

Skating and creativity go hand and hand. It’s one of the best outlets there is and I’m so happy to share and collab with Dani and the speakeasy team 💜 more is to come ! 



Make sure to check out more of Kaybop’s incredible artwork, and go follow @kayb0p and @bop.ross